12 types of dog owners you meet walking: Do you recognize yourself in any of these guys?

12 types of dog owners you meet walking - All about pet
12 types of dog owners you meet walking - All about pet

Parks dogs and other places that perform pets are the main meeting place for fun, running and exercise dogs, but also for socializing owners. In discussions with other owners probably have heard all sorts of things, from useful tips for the care of pets, other people’s experiences, among many owners were born and friendship and love. There are many types of dogs when you look at their character – we have a sociable, curious, grumpy, lazy dogs, and by now you’ve surely noticed that there is nothing in comparing to that as there are “types of dog owners!” Read the following lines and then tell us which type you belong!


He asks you which race your dog, and if your answer is “mongrel” then the actual “spilling his mind.”
I think it’s the type of Chihuahua, Chihuahua definitely permeated with a pug. Maybe his grandfather was a Labrador and has the color of the hair and ears would not say it’s some kind of terrier … – and so on.
The same is true if you complain that your dog is sick. This type of owner is automatically transformed into a veterinarian who will tell you what to use of drugs, why the disease occurs so.

Wiseacre - All about pet

Overprotective owners

Approaches to everyone in the park to inquire whether their dogs vaccinated, neutered, if they have fleas. The dog never lets the leash, always has an eye on, does not allow the dog to sniff other dogs to play in the grass because “tick lurking”, whatever the dog owner to do this will be štrecnuti or start yelling.

A person with treats

Though you a hundred times that you do not give your dog treats or to give them only in specijalniim opportunities as a reward, the owner insisted feed your dog treats under the pretext of “well, you see how looks, can not you give him.” The type of people who just can be very irritating …

A person with treats - all about pet
A person with treats – all about pet

The older gentleman

The Lord in years sitting on the bench in the lap or next to him lies his also older dog. With them may rarely speak, except cultural greet them, but they always a little envious, hoping that we will be so one day to go out for a walk with your four-legged folks …

The older gentleman - All about pet
The older gentleman


This includes all those owners who bring their dogs to the park thinking that this is enough and that they can now, for example, communicate over the phone or reading a book. Their dog is stealing toys and other dogs, to eliminate, disturbs other owners and pets, but you do not have anyone to complain because the owner still talking on the telephone in the corner of the park.


This is the type of owner who loves dogs, but does not want to socialize with their owners. They talk, sit on the side, playing with the dogs, but one of them will never know more than the name of their pet.

Loner - One of 12 types of dog owners
Loner – One of 12 types of dog owners

The self-styled expert

The person who approached the owners and share tips about the training and nutrition. Always know your dog better than you do, which advises you to keep it, how to treat the pet behave, how many times that the money, would be to sterilize. His methods of care dogs are generally different from those recommended by the vet …

The self-styled expert - One of 12 types of dog owners
The self-styled expert – One of 12 types of dog owners


People who use walking with my dog to get yourself a little stretched or practice. They mostly have sporting dogs that accompany them jogging.

“Oh, just play ‘owner

These are owners who justify every act of their dog as normal behavior. These are mostly the owners who can not d aprepoznaju when their pet exceeds the limits of propriety. For example, if their dog becomes aggressive to weigh the dog, the owner of Lawyer’s words, “they are just dogs, they play that game“.


A person who always forget to bring water, a toy, a bag of feces or treat for dog and then borrows from other owners.

“My dog does not belong here,” the owner

These are the owners, mostly female, who bring their pets into the park, but do not let away from arms because the dog can be dirty, it can nip at other dogs, that “and took fleas,” to break the necklace or worse ceremonial dress. Their dog are mostly small breeds, bring them into the bag and defend them to socialize with larger dogs, even with mongrels. The sentence, which will identify them mainly Excuse me, can you tie your dog as persistently sniffing my cereal?

My dog ​​does not belong here, the owner -One of 12 types of dog owners
My dog does not belong here, the owner -One of 12 types of dog owners


Although this person you meet for the first time will immediately find out how they called her dog, which race and what kind of health, as it is acquired by the owner, what foods and preparations for the care use. Can you tell by the way and many other things about his work, his hobby, relatives or former lovers.

Put your hand on your heart and admit us what type of owner you belong to?