24 interesting details about the life of a scorpion

interesting details about the life of a scorpion
interesting details about the life of a scorpion

24 interesting details about the life of a scorpion:

1. Scorpions are not insects. These animals belong to the family Arachnida. Very similar to spiders, mites, and ticks.
2. Family Scorpion consists of fifteen hundred species, only 25 species are considered to be toxic for humans.
3. Scorpions have the armor that protects them from attacks by predators and the possibility that someone accidentally steps on it. Their armor is necessary, of course, since they are lizards and birds are viewed as an excellent prey.
4. Scorpions have six to twelve eyes, two large located in the middle of armor, and two to five smaller orbiting these close-up. Two eyes from a group of smaller eyes are on the middle of the back. However, despite their many eyes are extremely short-sighted. They can detect levels of light eyes, especially low light, and it is supposed to be used primarily at night, due to avoiding the sun during the day.
5. Scorpions are nocturnal animals. Very rarely can be seen hunting during the day.
6. Scorpions real homes by digging tunnels in a sand, earth or under the heavy stones.
7. Scorpions are phosphorescent with UV light. Hunters scorpions used manually UV light at night to find the green scorpions. It is believed that this is a mechanism that helps them to get from sunlight.

Scorpion in nature
Scorpion in nature

8. Scorpions have sensors in the form of hair removal by which detect prey. These hairs are located all over the body, and have narrow slits in the bodies that absorb odors and vibrations (chemoreceptors and mechanoreceptors).
9. Scorpions have special organs (pectins) on the underside of the body that detect the texture and smell of the earth.
10. In these pectins, males adjust their sperm and fertilized females.
11. Scorpions are carnivorous and prefer insects or small animals. Love using pliers (tweezers). After the catch, bend his long tail over the head and stab their prey, which thus paralyze or kill the, then drop the digestive juices to soften their prey, pulverized it with his pliers and only then can eat it. Do not eat solid exoskeleton.
12. Scorpions can be found anywhere in the world except Antarctica, and most of them are in Africa and South America.
13. Some scorpions can live a year without food or water!
14. The sting of several species of scorpion can be fatal to humans. In Mexico, about a thousand people die annually from the bites of scorpions.
15. Scorpions are cannibalistic. His relatives gladly seen as dinner.
16. Scorpions are territorial and do not readily accept other scorpions except during breeding season, when they were hospitable to the opposite sex.
17. Scorpions are violent with each other even during the mating season, which often leads to the killing after intercourse. Since the females are larger than males, usually the cock who gets eaten.


18. Males trying to attract females complicated seductive dance, showing their attributes, proving that the right kind of potential partner and father of future generations.
19. Scorpions not only inhabit areas like the desert, as is commonly thought. They can be found along the ocean beach. There are at least ten species of scorpions that can be found near the sea.
20. Scorpions also represent the constellation and zodiac sign in astrology.
21. Mother scorpions lay eggs inside the body until the hatch, and then wearing them a couple of days or weeks on the back.
22. Scorpions can live two to ten years in proper living conditions.
23. The largest scorpion has reached a record length of 21 cm.
24. Scorpions are active in climates with warmer climates, so that in these places more often and find it. During cold periods, some scorpions hibernate.

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