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Afghan hound
Afghan hound

Afghan hound – The hound is class personified. This distinctive, Ancient dog breed has an look quite in contrast to any other: dramatic silklike coat, exotic face, and thin, fashion-model build. Appearance aside, Afghan enthusiasts describe this hound as each distant and mirthful. Hailing from Islamic State of Afghanistan, wherever the first name for the breed was Tazi, the Afghan is believed to this point back to the pre-Christian era and is taken into account one amongst oldest breeds.

The hound was originally used for searching massive prey in each the deserts and within the mountains of Islamic State of Afghanistan, wherever his long, flowing coat was required for heat. The Afghan hound was extremely valued for his ability to run — quick and over nice distances — bravely holding dangerous animals, like leopards, twenty-seven till his skilled worker on horseback held. The Afghan was additionally valued for his ability to suppose and hunt severally, while not human direction.

Afghan hound in nature
Afghan hound in nature

Today’s hound is not searching leopards however this sighthound will retain the freelance nature of a hunting hound. AN Afghan puppy can thirstily get the heart from relations, similar to puppies of any breed, however, this puppyhood behavior will fool unsuspecting homeowners. Cute puppy antics diminish because the Afghan matures. A mature hound doesn’t lavish attention on anyone, and typically doesn’t even need to be hugged or petted. The broad-minded, freelance Afghan hound can decide for himself once he needs heart, and it’ll get on his terms — not yours.

Independence and indifference aside, the hound is tender once he needs to be and may be terribly amusing. Typically named as a “clown” by his lonesome family, the hound is thought to be mischievous and stories abound of this breed’s ability to steal objects from under the terribly noses of relations, even going to this point on open dresser drawers and snatch garments.

With a capability to check so much larger distances than humans and polar hip joints that alter him to hide ground quickly and simply clear obstacles, the Afghan hound may be natural for a sport referred to as lure hunting. In lure hunting, the hounds tail to plastic luggage that area unit wont to produce the result of escaping game. This competition tests the dog’s ability to hunt by sight, and basic hunting instinct. In 1972, the Yankee Sighthound Field Association (ASFA) began and continues to control and administrate a program ideal by homeowners and dogs alike.

Whether competitory in an exceedingly hunting event, or enjoying life as an implike family companion, the hound may be a one-of-a-kind breed.


The hound comes from Islamic State of Afghanistan, wherever the first name for the breed was Tazi. The breed has long been thought to this point back to the pre-Christian era. polymer researchers have recently discovered that the hound is one amongst the foremost ancient dog breeds and dates back thousands of years.

The first documentation of a Western Afghan stock raiser is that of AN English officer stationed close to the capital of Afghanistan. Afghan Hound from his Ghazni Kennel were transported to the European nation in 1925, and so created their thanks to America. The breed was recognized by the Yankee Kennel Club in 1926 and, therefore, the hound Club of America was admitted for membership with the AKC in 1940.

Zeppo Marx of the family unit was one amongst the primary to bring Afghan Hound to America. Within the late Nineteen-Seventies, the hound’s quality soared once Barbie, WHO is answerable for over eighty p.c of Mattel’s profits, and Beauty, her pet hound, found their approach into the homes and hearts of unnumbered Yankee ladies. Throughout this same decade, the event of lure hunting competitions additional to the breed’s charm. Within the Nineteen Eighties, the Afghan hound became a preferred AKC show ring star and, in spite of its freelance nature, has branched out into obedience competition.

Afghan hound dog
Afghan hound dog


Males area unit twenty-seven inches (plus or minus one inch) and regarding sixty pounds, and females twenty-five inches (plus or minus one inch) and regarding fifty pounds.


The hound is usually a single or one-family dog. Don’t explore for this hound to thirstily greet your guests. Additional seemingly, he can offend them by being indifferent to their presence. Whereas some hounds could bark once or double once an unknown enters the house, this breed isn’t notable to be a decent watchdog.

The freelance thinking of the Afghan makes it a challenge to coach. This hound is usually not intended for food and doesn’t possess as sturdy a want to please as several alternative breeds (Golden sporting dog, for instance). Tho’ the Afghan makes a surprising presentation within the show ring, for example, over one skilled handler has been embarrassed within the ring by a refusal to cooperative. Even so, this breed is thought for outperforming alternative breeds once the choice to try and do thus is his own.

Rough handling will cause this dog to become withdrawn or gently antagonistic. Mild handling, kindness, and patience work best with this breed, beside AN understanding that there’ll be times once the dog merely won’t join forces.


Afghans area unit usually healthy, however like all breeds, they are vulnerable to sure health conditions. Not all Afghans can get any or all of those diseases, however, it is important to remember of them if you are considering this breed.

If you are shopping for a puppy, realize a decent stock raiser who can show you health clearances for each your puppy’s oldsters. Health clearances prove that a dog has been tested for and cleared of a specific condition. In Afghans, you must expect to check health clearances from the orthopaedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) for hip abnormality (with a score of truthful or better), elbow abnormality, glandular disorder, and von Willebrand’s disease, from chromatic University for thrombo-pathia, and from the Canine Eye written record Foundation (CERF) certifying that eyes area unit traditional. you’ll be able to ensure health clearances by checking the OFA electronic computer (

  • Allergies: Symptoms within the Afghan area unit constant as in people: sternutation, eye and nasal discharge, itching, hair loss, and lethargy. Treatment varies in keeping with the cause and should embrace dietary restrictions, medications, and environmental changes.
  • Cancer: Symptoms that will indicate canine cancer embrace abnormal swelling of a sore or bump, sores that don’t heal, hurt from any body gap, and issue with respiratory or elimination. Treatments for cancer embrace therapy, surgery, and medications.
  • Juvenile cataracts: The Canine Eye Registration Foundation (CERF) defines cataracts as a “partial or complete opacity of the lens,” and warns this can be the leading reason for vision loss in dogs. reckoning on the severity, cataracts could typically be removed surgically.
  • Hypothyroidism: this can be a disorder of the thyroid. Symptoms embrace chronic ear infections, microorganism infections of the skin, hair loss, lethargy, and depression. This condition is most ordinarily treated with medication and diet.


Afghan Hound like being within with family. They’re set back and calm within the house, however, are naturally active dogs and want daily exercise, that ideally includes a leash walk or run, and a free-run in enclosed space.

High, secure fencing may be a should if you propose on keeping your hound in an exceeding yard. The Afghan is AN adept escape creator and once loose, is actually exhausting to catch. (Remember, he will run horses!) Consistent obedience coaching is important and positive reinforcement strategies work best.

Beauty Afghan hound
Beauty Afghan hound


Recommended daily amount: 2 to 2.5 cups of high-quality dry food every day, divided into 2 meals.

NOTE: what quantity your adult dog chuck depends on his size, age, build, metabolism, and activity level. Dogs area unit people, similar to folks, and that they do not all want constant quantity of food. It virtually goes while not the expression that an extremely active dog can want over a bum dog. The standard of pet food you get additionally makes a difference–the higher the pet food, the additional it’ll go toward alimentary your dog and, therefore, the less of it you will need to shake into your dog’s bowl.

Keep your Afghan hound in fine condition by mensuration his food and feeding him double every day instead of effort food out all the time. If you are unsure whether or not he is overweight, offer him the attention check and, therefore, the active check. First, look down at him. You must be able to see a waist. Then place your hands on his back, thumbs on the spine, with the fingers unfold downward. you must be able to feel however not see his ribs while not having to press exhausting. If you cannot, he wants less food and additional exercise.

For additional on feeding your Afghan hound, see our pointers for purchasing the correct food, feeding your puppy, and feeding your adult dog.

Coat Color And Grooming

Properly pomaded, the Afghan coat is spectacular. It’s terribly fine in texture, just like human hair, and thick and silklike. On the pinnacle may be a long, silklike topknot. With the exception of the rear, the whole body is copiously coated in hair, even the ears and feet. The hair is brief and shut on the rear and swish in mature dogs.

All solid colors area unit allowed by the Yankee Kennel Club breed normal (standardized pointers for the breed), with sure color mixtures thought-about the foremost pleasing.

Grooming may be a should for the Afghan. As a result, of the coat is okay, it’s an inclination to tangle simply. Regular, even daily, brushing and brushing is important, as is frequent bathing. Many homeowners elect to rent an expert groomer to stay the coat in fitness as a result of grooming the Afghan hound is thus time intense and difficult, it’s on no account employment for beginners, tho’ homeowners will learn to manage the coat if they’re willing to figure exhausting.

All breeds with pendant or hanging, ears tend to possess problems with ear infections. Check your Afghan’s ears weekly and wipe them out with a plant disease moistened with a cleaner suggested by your MD. Ne’er stick cotton swabs or anything into the acoustic meatus otherwise you would possibly harm it. Your Afghan hound could have AN ear infection if the within of the ear smells dangerous, appearance red or appears tender, or he often shakes his head or scratches at his ear.

Afghan puppy
Afghan puppy

Brush your Afghan’s teeth a minimum of 2 or thrice per week to get rid of tartar buildup and, therefore, the bacterium that lurk within it. Daily brushing is even higher if you would like to stop gum malady and dangerous breath.

Trim nails once or double a month if your dog does not wear them down naturally. If you’ll be able to hear them clicking on the ground, they are too long. Short, showing neatness cut nails keep the feet in fitness and forestall your legs from obtaining scraped once your red setter sky-high jumps up to greet you.

Begin accustoming your Afghan hound to being brushed and examined once he is a puppy. Handle his paws frequently–dogs area unit touchy regarding their feet–and look within his mouth and ears. create grooming a positive expertise full of praise and rewards, and you will lay the groundwork for straightforward veterinary exams and alternative handling once he is an adult.

As you groom, check for sores, rashes, or signs of infection like redness, tenderness, or inflammation on the skin, within the ears, nose, mouth, and eyes, and on the feet. Eyes ought to be clear, with no redness or discharge. Your careful weekly examination can assist you spot potential health issues early.

Children And alternative Pets

The Afghan’s freelance nature and huge size create him best suited as AN adult companion. The Afghan isn’t seemingly to require to follow around and play with youngsters. In fact, a child’s fast movements and amplitude will startle the Afghan. With correct socialization, though, the Afghan will go with life in an exceedingly family with youngsters and be admiring and with them.

The Afghan tends to most get pleasure from the corporate of his own kind–other Afghan Hounds. The Afghan can tolerate, even be indifferent, to alternative pets in an exceedingly family. Not amazingly, the Afghan’s hunter’s instinct leads him to chase tiny animals, particularly if they run away.

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