Burmilla cat

Burmilla cats
Burmilla cats

Asian group of cats, also known as Burma cat breed, the Burmese and long-haired chinchilla / Persian cat, and the result is random mating purple Burmese females and males chinchilla in London in 1981. Their four offspring were very attractive, Silver Shadow Marquee kittens, and they founded the breed. In 1984 he founded the Club fans Burmilla cats, and after consultations with various organizations, cat lovers, launched in the breeding program.


The first litter was the Burmese type, and in the beginning the goal was to breed Burmese Burmilla with every other generation, in order to increase the genetic base. Although Burmilla cat has essentially the same origin as a long-haired cat tiffannie, GCCF in 1989 recognized the beautiful Burmilla cat – and FIF-and did so in 1994 – as sufficiently different from the cultivation to become a distinct group, not the breed, and is Asian group was the first breed standard that enabled the allocation of points for temperament.

Burmilla cat watches
This beauty cat watches

Therefore, Burmilla cat will certainly be more popular, not only because of his good looks, but also because of the very good nature, which makes it an ideal pet.
The most striking features Burmilla cats have their dark-rimmed eyes and the way their pads on the nose – which are lovely terracotta red, not pink – also edged, so these cats look like they just came out of the beauty salon.

Burmilla cat on the couch
cat on the couch

Their beautiful eyes are somewhere between the round and almond-shaped, and the beautiful green color. Burmilla cats have a strong body with slightly rounded head and quite large, widely spaced ears, slightly curved outwards.

Burmilla cat

Their legs are of medium length – the last a little longer than the front – with oval paws and black pads on the paws. Long tail, which tapers to a rounded point, usually elegant posture is slightly raised. The hair is short and fine, but also very soft and thick, joined to the body.
Burmilla cat or Asian groups, including Shadow Marquee and chinchilla (tipped) cats, but their hair should not be such that it looks white. Striped markings are limited to ‘M’ sign on the face, legs and tail, and the “collar” – the stripes around the neck – must be broken.

Beautiful Burmilla's cat

Striped pattern with Abyssinian (ticked) are permitted in both standard and Silver Shadow Marquee fur in all Asian colors. Although the color intensity can be reduced in silver striped cats should always have at least two bars darker colors on each coat.
The original monochrome Burmilla cat’s “Bombay” – glossy black. The name of this color should not be confused with the Bombay breed, which is a separate breed such as the type of cat.

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