Cornish Rex

Cornish rex - Review
Cornish rex - Review

Cornish rex cat – From time to time, were the various rex breed with short, curly hair, as a result of spontaneous mutation. Appeared in Britain, Germany and the United States.
The degree of curl at Rex cats varies from “wavy” curl Cornish Rex cats, through the “seething” curl Devon Rex cats, to “kukmastih” curl interesting cat called “la perm” (permanent) – American breed developed in Oregon in 1982, that really looks as having a “permanent” hair!

Cat - Cornish rex
Cat – Cornish rex

Despite their apparent similarities, and Rex cats different breed by mating Devon and Cornish Rex cats will get the kittens have straight hair, although it will be slightly different texture than in cats ‘normal’ short hair. In 1950, a kitten with curly hair named Kallibunker, gave birth to a farm in Cornwall, England. Its owner, Nina Ennismore, decided that the curly hair like Rex mutation rabbits.

Cornish rex cats
Cornish rex cats

Kallibunkera crossing with his mother was also obtained Rex kitten, which proved that the rex gene recessive. Two Kallibunkerova offspring 1957 sent to the US to be there established breeds. Mixed breed by crossing with Oriental shorthair and Siamese cats in the US are called “Si-Rex”, while others Kallibunkerovi descendants in the UK crossed with a British Shorthair and Burmese cats.

Beautiful Cornish rex
Beautiful Cornish rex

Cornish Rex cat in Britain grew moderately oriental type of body, wedge-shaped head with what was described as a “Roman nose” – straight down from the rounded forehead. Cat of the name of a very large and curved ears, set high on the head, a muscular body small to medium size with long and very slender legs – they last longer than the front.

They are famous for jumping and will spend many hours joyously jumping from the owner’s shoulders on furniture and back again! British cats are less sensitive than their North American relatives – they have a form that looks more like a greyhound, with more underlined hull.

What is common to British and American Cornish Rex cats is their magnificent curly fur. Cornish rex cat no protective coat, which makes soft fur, short and velvety.

Cornish rex cat
Cornish cat
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