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Beauty Crested Gecko
Beauty Crested Gecko

Crested gecko – Common name is derived from the crest of the elevated increments starting over each eye, and the stretch along the back. End on the base of the tail. Even the scientific name ciliatus derived from crested segments.
Although it is quite attractive, despite his name attached by colors (even unreal) by hobbyist breeders, Crested gecko is not particularly clear colors. The basic color varies from the color of the shell of the skin to brown and brick red. They often have a darker (less often lighter) stains on the back. Dark spots hobbyists called “Dalmatian morph“. The sides may be darker or lighter than the back. Bright spots are present on the base of the tail on the spinal tail. Changing the color is quite normal, but also quite limited. Crested gecko is quite dark during the evening, but during the day. The tail is fairly easy catches and openly turning to the top. Reverse the tail is flat and has a non-slip layer similar to the one that is under broad fingers.

The size and lifespan

Crested gecko may reach a size of about 20 cm. His slender tail is slightly less than half of the total length of the body. The lifespan of five to fifteen years can be expected.

Crested Gecko - Baby
Crested Gecko – Baby


Like other species from this family, Crested gecko is distributed mainly from New Caledonia and nearby islands. Primarily it was thought that this gecko fairly prompt, and then, since it was not seen for several years, was thought to be extinct. The most commonly inhabits aborealna areas but prefer shrubs and small trees.

Care in captivity

This gecko is omnivorous. Do not just eat a variety of insects, but willingly consumed and juicy fruit. Make sure that the crickets and other insects once a week were well dusty additive with vitamin D3 and calcium. Pregnant females and babies in developing additives should be provided with calcium twice a week.

Although they are usually kind of slow, if startled, the gecko can reach amazing speed. Wear them carefully, hold it gently but firmly to avoid excessive twitching or flight. It can be hurt if dropped. Avoid that by grasping the tail with respect to the gecko can easily remain without a tail. If the loss of the tail, this species will rarely recovered.

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This gecko prefers moist, but not saturated atmosphere.

Although this aborealni gecko, which will use the upper part of the cage vertically oriented, so arranged the space in a cage is not mandatory. In fact, many run by a couple or three geckos (one male and two females) in normal equipped terrarium capacity of 37.8 L. should be provided diagonal or horizontal branches that are at least one and a half diameters gekons body. Geckos will use horizontal branches more frequently if they are near the top of the terrarium. Crested geckos ought to be encouraged to use branches and deterred from vertical adhesion on the side of terrarium. Despite the obvious fact that the code is present in the wild, even with Crested gecko in captivity, which provided calcium additives, the disease is already known as the “limp tail syndrome”. Although geckos affected by this condition seem normal in a diagonal or horizontal position, if his head bowed down, tail them slaughtered in the direction of the base of the tail. There is no solution for this problem.

Adding live plants like Epipremnum aureum ( “ficus”) will not only provide visual barriers and safety, but also higher humidity in the terrarium.


For a decade, Crested geckos gone from total darkness to the status of favorite lizards. During this extraordinary transition, these geckos have also become, once the most expensive of the lizard, very acceptable. Fortunately, it has been proven that these types of easy to breed in captivity. Adult specimens are very easy money. The male has a large lump hemipenilnu and visible pores on the flanks. Crested geckos are profiled. Females can produce up to nine litters of two eggs during each reproductive season. It is proposed to slightly winter chilling for a period of about 60 days, although it is not necessary.

Amazing Crested Gecko
Amazing Crested Gecko

Pregnant females should be provided with lodging egg box containing 2.5 cm wet (the emphasis is on moist, not wet) materials lodging eggs. Minced moss is a good choice for this purpose. Eggs should be left until the shell is completely dry. Then they must be placed in an incubator. It would be best that the eggs do not turn on the basis of when moving.

Eggs with soft shell should be in an incubator on a damp material of vermikulata, perlite. At temperatures between 25 – 27.2 ° C will hatchlings hatched in about two months. Babies should initially fed with small crickets and a mixture of fruits and honey to two or three days. Crickets should pollinate with the addition of vitamin D3 and calcium can at least twice a week.

This is the gecko, which is rapidly growing. It can reach a maturity of less than one year, and can be paired with 12 months ago.

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Other geckos with similar needs

Day geckos (Phalsuma sp.) And other types of gecko that live on trees, moderate size (flying geckos, Hemidactylus, and wall geckos, Tarentola) will require similar conditions as the Crested gecko. Day geckos are naturally living species, while other belong to the nocturnal species. You should always be aware of the activity periods, due to the feeding. Many anoli will also develop properly if they provide these conditions.

Crested Gecko Care
Crested Gecko Care

Mixture of fruit and honey for Kresta and similar types of geckos

  • 1 tablespoon mashed peach, banana, papaya or a mixture of baby food
  • 1 teaspoon honey
  • 4 drops of vitamins for birds
  • A pinch of vitamin D3 and calcium powder
  • ¼ teaspoon of bee pollen (optional)
  • A little water to gently mix the softened i.

Keep them on a daily basis. Cool unused portion. Take everything that is not used within a week.

Crested Gecko Care!!