Octodon degus
Octodon degus

Octodon Degu

Life expectancy of Degus : 5-8 years, although sometimes live up to 10 years.

Size: The length of their body is about 12-17 cm and the tail about 12-15 cm.

degus in cage
Degus in cage

Behavior: Degus is very social animals and can be easily put to rest if they get used to carrying a child. However, to fully meet its social nature, it is best to keep them in the group. They love the game and are quite curious. Without social interaction and opportunities to be active, they can become aggressive and neurotic. Degu daily types, which means they are most active during the day.

Meet Degu
Meet Degu

In the wild, they live in the community (like prairie dogs) and elaborate system of digging pits in order to survive.

Important notes with regard to tail Degu
Do not take a degu by the tail. They can easily lose some and gain serious injury. The jointing tail is probably the natural way of defense, if they are in the wilds happen to the enemy caught by the tail.

Amazing Degu
Amazing Degu

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