Fischer’s lovebird

Fischer's lovebird
Fischer's lovebird

Fischer’s lovebird – The most widespread in Tanzania and the Serengeti National Park area, although there are in Kenya along the river Athi. As runaway pets inhabit the California area in America. There is only one subspecies that lives near the river Tang.

Fischer's lovebirds Enu & Eni
Fischer’s lovebird Enu & Eni

Fischer male and female have a darker green wings with black ends on flying feathers. With bright red beak, they boast an orange-red feathers on the head, neck, scalp and chest.

Amazing Fischer's lovebird
Amazing Fischer’s lovebird

Eye indicated thicker skin white field. Trtica them is blue, and the belly and podrepak green with a little yellowish glare.

The coloration is no difference between males and females, and the cultivation was obtained only one yellow mutation fišer parrot which is extremely rare.

Beautiful Fischer's lovebird
Beautiful Fischer’s lovebird

Can be easily tamed, better to keep them in pairs, in large cages as decorative parrots.

They are extremely sensitive to cold and strong sunlight.

Properly housed and fed couples can live 14 years.

Fisher parrots
Fisher parrots