Domestication and wearing gerbils

Meet Cute Gerbils

Gerbils can be very easy to tame if you have the patience and persistence.

A few tips for raising gerbils :

• Do not raise them by the tail.
• The best way to pick up the gerbil is to cover the fist and gently lifting it. You can gently scruff of the neck (for loose skin) to prevent escape.
• If you feel uncomfortable wearing not domesticated gerbil then cover glass and so transfer. Use your hand as a cover, as the gerbil can jump very well. You can also use a cardboard box (eg. From toilet paper) for this purpose.

Domestication gerbils requires some patience to gain confidence, but it will make it easier to later carry.

Gerbil in cage
Gerbil in cage

A few tips for successful domestication:

  • Give your new gerbil few days to get acquainted with their new home (interaction to a minimum).
  • Move slowly and talk softly with gerbils.
  • Limit interactions at a time when the gerbils awake – awakening gerbil is not a good solution for gaining the trust!
  • Begin exploring sitting beside cages to gerbil accustomed to its presence.
  • Give them a treat (sunflower seeds or pumpkin) through the bars of the cage.
  • When the gerbil gets used to taking a treat through the bars of the cage, put the treat in your hand that you can do to come up to her and took her.
  • When a gerbil not hesitate to touch your hand, place a treat on his shoulder and let him come up for her.
  • When you get used to climbing on the hand, gently pat them on the head (thus mimic the natural behavior of the gerbil).
  • Avoid grasping gerbils and insert them into the cage by force. Try to make them think themselves go into the cage, using a treat, or gently transfer there.
  • Wear them often to socialize them properly. Gerbils are active and curious and like to spend time outside the cage.
gerbils on hands
gerbils on hands

Domestication will be easier if it is a younger gerbil. Keeping more than one is recommended, although some owners find it more difficult to tame more gerbils should be kept in mind that gerbils are lonely scared and nervous, which is why the process of domestication be pursued.

Use plenty of treats and follow the steps, make sure the gerbil mastered a particular step, before moving on to the next. It’s probably best not to let the gerbil to roam outside the cage so as not to further expose the stress wearing, capturing and returning to the cage, which could they create a conditioned reflex, and that you are afraid of.

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