An oasis of peace: Inmates care for abused animals (VIDEO)


Did you know that in Florida there is a shelter for abandoned animals in their care prisoners?

It all began in 1994, when the nearby police stations and prisons in Key West, for ducks and chickens were moved to a nearby golf course, built a pond and a small farm.

Inmates care for abused cow
Inmates care for abused cow

Today it lives on more than 150 different species of animals such as birds, turtles, horses, pigs, rabbits, emus, and snakes. Common to them is that they were abused, and the farm have been completed by the owners of confiscated or were left the same.

And while in most countries of the world is likely euthanised, here enjoying life.

Inmates care for abused sheeps
Inmates care for abused sheeps

Take care of them “farmers” including prisoners who socialize with the animals described as an unforgettable experience – so much so that the farm return after serving his sentence in order to show their families what they did during their stay in prison.

Watch video how Inmates care about abused animals