Pacman Frog (Colorful horned) & Videos

Pacman Frog or Colorful horned
Pacman Frog or Colorful horned

Colorful horned frog – This frog may want to bite – very painful! Wear them carefully, and be very careful when you’re doing something near them! Colorful horned frog is also known as the Argentine horned frog, but still the most popular among hobbyists called “Pacman frog“. Name Pacman frog resulting from the large appetite of frogs, whose mouth in a motion reminiscent of the famous hero of computer games, Pacman. We simply refer to as “a nice bounce mouth”. This frog has a large head, powerful jaws, robust body, short legs. Pacman Frog frog is streaked with various shades of green, brick red, bright orange, or having a combination of these colors, as opposed to a brighter background color. Yellow, brown and black may also be included in this color scheme. Horns are a bit stubby. Males have a dark throat.
Today, often encounter albino specimens, representing hybrids between the colorful and Cranwell’s horned frog, and between the colorful and Amazonian Horned Frogs.

The size and lifespan

Females are larger than males, females and the largest can reach a size of 12.7-13.7 cm. Since the pre broad than long – some of the biggest female-sized plates – are amongst the largest members of the genus. Males are 6-11 cm long (of course, there are exceptions), and apparently smaller than females. Sexually mature males have more dark pigment in the throat. This type of horned frog can live more than 15 years.


These types encountered in subtropical southern Brazil, Uruguay, and central-east Argentina.

Review of Colorful horned
Review of Colorful horned

Care in captivity

Pacman Frog or Colorful horned frogs will eat anything that she is inferior to it, including live rodents, fish, insects, or worms. During the meal, the frogs can often swallow a large part of the substrate from the cage, which can cause fatal intestinal impaction. To reduce the chance of impaction to come, keep your frog (every other day when it comes to fast-growing babies and once a week when it comes to adults) with forceps or move the frog when feeding the unit without lining.

Given that they are not overly active, Pacman Frog does not require a large terrarium. Aquarium capacity of 37.8 liters or big-resistant plastic box of blankets will be sufficient for one frog. These frogs can be kept in water to about 2.5 cm, or in a fully ground conditions.

If you opt for the aquatic environment, do not forget to check the purity of water daily and even twice a day. Frog of this size can dirty your water for a few minutes.

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A large number of breeders for keeping these frogs benefits sufficiently large box that contains almost nothing but small cave to hide and a little water in its lower part.

If you decide to add a base, a few inches moist, chopped moss, would be an excellent choice. The frog will dig a hole in the moss, usually keeping his head exposed to the outside, but otherwise covered. Shallow, easy to clean, a water container that is large enough that the frog is sitting in it, it can be placed around the perimeter of moss. If the terrarium is large enough, you can plant the more plants that will contribute to the decoration, and provide visual barriers.

The need for an absolutely clean terrarium can never be overemphasized.

Beauty Pacman Frog
Beauty Pacman Frog


There are two methods by which the Pacman Frog is introduced into the process of reproduction. One involves the use of injections and luteinizing releasing hormone (LHRH – both sexes are encouraged injections of this hormone) and the other method involves monitoring the natural cycle.

We prefer natural cycles before hormonal stimulation. Cool, your horned frog (13-18 °C) for 30 to 45 days in the period of the winter solstice. At the same time, reduce the humidity of the cage (to simulate the dry season), if possible. Your horned frog will become inactive and preserve the natural moisture of the body by forming a sleeve of several layers of lax skin. After the cooling period, increase the humidity and temperature in the cage and secure the big box to stimulate seasonal ponds. The plastic tray can be used for this purpose. Move your frog into the trough of 3.7-5.1 cm depth based non-chlorinated water is warm, sultry evening time. Use the recirculation pump and sprayer, spray toads several hours overnight, and do it during daylight hours (remember that you want to think that frogs again rainy season!). Properly stimulated males will begin your call. Mating usually starts at dusk, runs during the early evening hours, and usually ends before dawn.

Males Horned Frogs are ready to mate several times to change appearance. Throat male will darken slightly and produce a horned, black growths on the thumbs. These rough fingers help the male to remain attached during intercourse. The female will be embraced behind the front limbs, usually while the pair floats or sits in the shallow, calm water. Once the eggs are laid, the male fertilizes them.

Pacman Frog Amazing
Pacman Frog Amazing

If possible, submit the call of the males, and to stimulate the use of the frog. We suggest that the sprinkler is activated at least twice a day – once in the afternoon, within an hour or hour and a half, and after, starting early in the morning for three to six hours.

Although it may take from two to four or five days, “rain” is likely to stimulate the call of the sexual act. Males will start ringing, with inflatable his dark throat, and again will be heard shrill “whistle” (This stage steam can be accelerated if you upload the sounds previously steamed horned turtles and released them).

During polling, males prefer to with its four feet firmly on the bottom of the tank so that the shallow water is essential. Males will call all night, and even two or three, before the female answers. When stimulated, the females will begin to converge songful male or males will see a female that moves, but she will get closer and start intercourse. If, while searching for the female, the male mistakenly embrace other males captured animals will produce jerky movements and sounds that will indicate the error. If the male is not disturbed, amleksus can last longer than one day, or soon will, after the introduction, the male horned frogs started periodically tapping area around his shoulders females jaw. This looks synchronize ovulation and laying eggs with sperm-drop, although the release of sperm can be encouraged and moving masses of eggs with a male belly.

Eggs are produced in a gelatinous mass, and can be from several hundred to 1,500.

Tadpoles grow rapidly and are very cannibalistic minded. If you do not hold partially even in adequate space, with visual barriers, and copious amounts of food (worms and fresh fish killed), it is almost certain that it will happen cannibalism.

Pacman Frog - hand
Pacman Frog – hand

Other Horned Frogs with similar needs

Cranwell’s horned frog Ceratophrys Cranwell, is another type of Vele. It is usually brown. When compared colorful and Cranwell’s horned frog, the last seems to have a proportionately larger head, longer horns and squarely body of carp Horned Frogs. These species inhabit suitable habitats from southern Bolivia and Paraguay to central Argentina. Today are available and albino specimens.

Amazon horned frog Ceratphrys cornuta, is only sometimes available. It is smaller (19 cm) and demanding type of captivity of colorful Horned Frogs (Pacman Frog). Amazon horned frog is a tropical species and it seems to her as prey often serve other frogs. Make sure that the food you consume specimens you are interested in is available. This beautiful frog has long horns and can be light or dark brown, reddish, green, or various combinations of these colors.

Hybrid Horned Frogs

Hybrids between the Pacman Frog and Amazonian Horned Frogs among Cranwell’s horned frog and the Amazon, between Cranwell’s horned frog and colorful, produce and are often available in stores. All are obviously very durable. Hybrid between Amazon and colorful horned frog called frog fantastic. Medium-sized and usually has a vibrant green color on the back, and very clearly mottled. The horns are quite long. It seems that the hybrids are infertile.

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