What would it take to know about pet ferret ?

Meet Pet Farret
Meet Pet Farret

Pet Ferret (Mustela furo) – live about 6-8 years (sometimes up to 11-12)

Males are larger than females (longer and heavier). Females are about 33-35 cm long and weigh about 340 g – 1.20 kg, while the males measuring about 38 cm-40 cm and weighing about 1-1.5 kg if they are sterilized and, if not, can also be more difficult – about 2 kg (and more).

Most ferrets originating from North America was previously sterilized at an early age.

Cute pet farret
Cute pet farret

Ferret usually sleep during the day, and up to 18 hours. Naturally the most active at dusk and dawn, but they often adapt and adjust to the time of sleep and activity according to its owner.

They love to play and they are very interesting observation.

Ferrets have poor vision, but they developed the sense of smell and hearing them is quite good.

In America, ferrets have the status of domestic animals of over 2000 years, but are bought as pets for over 300 years. In some places are still not recognized as domesticated animals, because of the law on protection of animals. Sometimes they mix with the wild ferret.

Review - Pet farret
Review – Pet farret

Do ferrets have an unpleasant smell?

Falsely believes that ferrets have an unpleasant odor. There is a discreet musky smell, which is not too blatant. The musky scent comes from their sebaceous glands and is present whether or not sterilized. It is recommended to occasionally swim, but not too often, because in this way will not reduce the odor, but it will worsen the situation, as the skin becomes dry, and the sebaceous glands to produce more fat to prevent the skin dry.

Ferret in North America during sterilization, remove the gland similar to those in ferrets discharged their contents when they feel threatened. However, a ferret these glands have a much more moderate secretion and unpleasant smell quickly dissipates and disappears. The question is whether it is necessary to remove these glands, which are often routinely performed in North America, as the musky smell has nothing to do with these glands, and that alone secretion from glands minor problem.

Amazing and funny pet ferret
Amazing and funny pet ferret

Did you know about Pet Ferret ?

The word “ferret” has a Latin origin and means “thief.” Owners ferrets can confirm that this is the name deservedly, since ferrets will gladly steal everything they can to catch the feet, and to hide in their hiding place.

Ferret originate from the same family (Mustelidae) as badgers, otters, minks, ferrets, wild ferrets, ferrets, and wolverine.

By far the origin of the ferret is somewhat a mystery, though they are very close to European skunks.

The scientific name for ferrets is somewhat controversial – Mustela putorius furo traditionally used, although today suggests that it is better to call it simply Mustela furo

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