Pet mice – Meet mice

Pet mice - Meet mice
Pet mice - Meet mice

Pet mice – “Ordinary” in this case does not mean “boring“. If you see a group of mice in the game realize that this is an interesting pet. They are a bit moody and harder to deal with than some other, larger rodents such as rats, although they can be tamed if you start with wearing at an early age. In addition, we will eat food from hands. Mice are the ideal small hotel, interesting to watch, do not require complicated care, and quite a bit of trouble to their owners.

Pet mice - Mice as pat
Pet mice – Mice as pat


Their short life is one of the biggest disadvantages when it comes to these pets. On average live about 1.5-2 years, although some specimens can live up to 3 years.

Feeding Pet MiceHabits

Mice are nocturnal and are very social. They are active during the evening and night, during the day are quite calm. Because it is a social animal, it is best to keep them in the group. Couple females are the easiest solution, although larger numbers are always better if you have enough space in the cage. You should avoid holding the pair of males in the same cage unless they are from the same litter, but they, in this case, should be provided with sufficient space (males who do not know will almost certainly beat). Keeping males and females in the same cage should not practice unless you want a bunch of mice in a short period of time.

Meet pet mice
Meet pet mice

Choose healthy mouse

When choosing a mouse, focus on are active, with soft, clean fur and clean pinkish skin on the ears and tail. The eyes and nose should not contain any secretions, and the mouth and anus are supposed to be dry and clean. Breathing them fairly quickly, but it should not be difficult or noisy. In the shop where you buy a mouse, make and what kind of cage – it should be clear (indicating that take account of their care).

Look for pet shops where separatišu males than females at an early age (and good fanciers would do this). Mice were ready to play but between six and eight weeks of age, although this is quite stressful for females, and should be avoided mating in such an early age. If the operations are run by males and females together, it may happen that bought female pregnant and you do not know. To distinguish poles, check the tail anal and genital opening – in females these two holes closer. Grower or seller in the store should check this for you, but it is sometimes difficult to determine the sex at an early stage, especially if you have a male and female to compare. In older males (about 6-8 weeks) already testicles can see.

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