Is it a good choice of pet rabbit ?

Is it a good choice of pet rabbit
Is it a good choice of pet rabbit

Pet rabbit – can be quite lovely pets, but as always, preparation and realistic expectations are what influence the establishment of good relations with future pet. Find out about all the necessary matters concerning the care and keeping of rabbits.

Pet rabbit is very sociable, active animals that love the game, and are quite loyal to their owners. As long as you know what you can expect from a rabbit, it is likely that you will have a wonderful pet.

Caring for Pet Rabbits
Caring for Pet Rabbits

Life expectancy depends on the type and ranges from 5 to 15 years.

• Rabbits are sociable and with gentle wear can be very easy to tame.
• They love to play and interesting for observation.
• are committed to the store owner.
• You can learn to use dry shake. Submissive and gentle training.

RabbitsWhat should you know before you decide to get a rabbit?

• Since it is a social animal, to be happy, they need a high level of interaction with the owners or other rabbits. Daily play and exercise outside the cage in their cases indispensable part of daily activities and needs.

• Rabbits are easy to maintain – it takes a lot of patience and work to help them provide the necessary care.

• The pellets are not enough for all feeding rabbits – they need a lot of fiber quality hay and various fresh vegetables.

• Since it is a rodent, they should provide toys for milling; but on the other hand, every place through which a rabbit can be caught, must be well secured.

• They need relatively large cage. However, like most when out of the cage and when they can enjoy interacting with their owners.

Lop Eared Pet Rabbit
Lop Eared Pet Rabbit

• Although it is quite peaceful animals, rabbits are not a good choice if you have young children, insufficiently careful when wearing and playing with them.

• Rabbits like to be close to the owners, but usually do not like to wear.

• You probably will need specific veterinary care, which can be expensive. They should be sterilized, and vaccinated regularly.

• Urine rabbits can have a strong unpleasant smell, and often change the dry shake (sterilization will neutralize the stench). Since their urine is rich in calcium, can cure dry shake, making it difficult to clean (vinegar is quite effective for this purpose).

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