Tonkinese cat

Tonkinese cat

Tonkinese cat is the new name for the old breed – a wooden “copper cat” Siam (now Thailand). Copper – brown cats of ancient Siam were known as supalak or Thong Daeng, and are described in a manuscript titled book of poems about cats that were created by artists and poets in the ancient capital of Ayudha between 1350 and 1767. Today it is considered that the ancestors supalak cats Burmese cats and havana, and that alone Tonkinese cat-breed Burmese and Siamese cats.

It is possible that they are completely chocolate – brown Siamese cat, first seen in Britain eighties of the 19th century, the Burmese-Siamese hybrids Tonkinese type. The first recorded Tonkinese cat in the West was lovely Tonkinese cat with markings Wong Mau, who established the American Burmese breed, brought from Rangoon thirties of the 20th century.

Tonkinese Kittens
Tonkinese Kittens

Natural hybrid characteristics of Wong Mau were obtained from its descendants, and only the fifties breeders started trying renewal “blends” the new breeding programs. Modern Tonkinese cat is the first breed that comes from Canada, where he developed the sixties.

Regardless of its recent arrival on the scene, Tonkinese cat has already proved itself as one of the most popular breeds.

Tonkinese cat wearing a Siamese (cs) gene and one Burmese (cb) gene, and its physical characteristics make a beautiful blend of the two parental characteristics – less angular and elegant than a Siamese, but is strong and pretty tough, like the Burmese, with the distinctive feature of a lively and affectionate nature oriental breeds.

Siamese-Burmese cross obtained exclusively Tonkinese kittens, but mating between two cats tonkin will receive, on average, two Tonkinese and two other kittens – one with a Burmese and a Siamese colors with slight differences between European and American Burmese cats, European cats are usually Tonkinese a little more angular than their North American relatives.

tonkinese cat breed slider
tonkinese cat breed slider

The Canadian Association of cat lovers for the first time acknowledged Tonkinese cat and granted it the status of champion in 1984. It is no wonder that all large organizations shortly afterwards recognized the attractive and friendly cats. However, there are significant differences in terms of acceptable color and even color names!

The color that is in the United States known as the “natural” before dry else is considered to be brown. It is a light brown, something between the Burmese dark brown and Siamese black (seals), with dark markings that easily blend with the color of the body.

Eye color in cats is a natural blue-green. Purple – in the United States known as the color of champagne – a pale, dove gray with pink shades and markings are darker shades of the same color. When purple cats, eye color varies from light blue to green, but the standards for exhibitions every nuance of yellow color are considered unacceptable. In all Tonkinese cats upper edges of the eyes are oval and a round bottom.

Review Tonkinese cat
Review of Tonkinese cat

Red and cream-tonkinese cats can have something striped pattern – are difficult to eliminate in all breeds of these colors – but cats are recognized by the standards of the UK, but not in the United States.

For turtles and striped Tonkinese cats markings are much less visible because they are covered with samples of hair, or a mask and legs still should be darker than the body. Many of Tonkinese cats are known as “mink” (NERC) because their fur so incredibly soft and dense to have a special glow.

Such fur should be almost two years to develop to its full beauty.

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