Types of hamsters

Types of hamsters - brown
Types of hamsters - brown

Types of hamsters

The Syrian hamster is the most common pet when it comes to hamsters. They should be kept separating (are aggressive toward other hamsters). Gentle use and easy to carry.

Toy Hamsters (Campbell and winter white Russian hamsters, Roborovski hamsters) are sociable and can be kept in a small group, but only if they are of little together. They are quick and agile, so it is a little more difficult to handle.

• Chinese hamsters are similar in size dwarf hamsters, although not a true dwarf hamsters. Sometimes these two types of agreement, although it is not very often the case. They are very friendly, but also very quick and agile.

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Different types of hamsters should never be kept together.

Care all types of hamsters is quite similar, differs mainly by whether the hamsters kept in a group or separately.

Types of hamsters - 1
Types of hamsters – 1


• Syrian hamster: 2-3 years.
• Campbell’s Russian dwarf hamsters: 1.5-2 years.
• Russian pat ul STI winter hamster: 1.5-2 years.
• Roborovski Hamster: 3-3.5 years.
• Chinese hamster: 2.5-3 years.

Types of hamsters - homyak
Types of hamsters – homyak


• Syrian hamster: 15-17 cm.
• Miniature Campbell’s Russian hamster 10 cm.
• Miniature winter Russian hamster: 9-10 cm.
• Roborovski Hamster: about 5 cm.
• Chinese hamster: about 10 cm – and unlike other hamsters, they have a noticeable tail.

Review Types of hamsters
Review Types of hamsters

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